Sometimes it’s necessary to have separated webpages as oppose to a Stack & Menu approach. Separated webpages are good for SEO reasons and can also act as different landing pages for your visitors.

Please note that this article was written for Cubender V4

However, building your website with separated pages can mean copying lots of content between pages as you organize your website. Luckily, managing multiple pages at the same time has never been easier. In this brief tutorial, I’ll explain to move your data between pages.

  1. When you login to Cubender, open any webpage in the Design Editor by double-clicking the webpage thumbnail.
  2. Now, open a new tab in your browser and navigate to “” and open any other webpage by once again double-clicking the webpage thumbnail. You should now have two tabs open in your browser with a different page loaded in each tab.
  3. To move content between pages is as easy as copy & pasting. Start by clicking any item you’d like to copy on one of your pages. Then, type CTRL-C (copy) and navigate to the other tab.
  4. Finally, type CTRL-V (paste) to paste your item onto the page.

You can also copy multiple items at once by using the Marquee Tool or holding SHIFT as you select items.