Importing a Template

Cubender has a variety of templates from which to start your design.  At any time you can change your current template, or import a template you yourself have created from one Cubender account to another.  This How-to Article will show you how to change and import templates. READ MORE

Do you need a website?

About 10 years ago, I started a small business, and decided I needed a website.  Having zero-experience in creating a site, I really didn’t have many options available to me – basically I could chose an overused and aesthetically unappealing template (frugal option), or pay thousands of dollars to have a programmer develop a site for me.  Considering the fact that the company was not an on-line business, and all I really wanted was a place on the internet where people could find me and contact me, I wasn’t prepared to spend thousands (or tens of thousands!) of dollars just to have a website. READ MORE