Cubender does not host any email, however if you have an email account associated with your domain name, you will need to enter what are called Mail Forwarding Records into your Cubender DNS.  

Please note that this article was written for Cubender V3

Because your name servers are now pointing to us, your DNS can be controlled in our panel.  You must request these Mail Forwarding Records from your email host.  Once you have the records, you can enter them.  Go to Site Map > Settings > Manage Email / DNS.

  • Mail records can come in a variety of record types as formats.  Each email host will have their own set of records that work for their accounts.  In this example, we will enter one of the most common types, MX records, and we will be using GoDaddy mail hosting records.  Note that these specific records for GoDaddy will only function for their North American customers.
          >>     The two necessary GoDaddy records are as follows:
  1.      MX (0)
  2.      MX (10)
  • Once you’ve opened up the DNS screen in Cubender, you’ll see a field for ‘Record Type” in the top left corner.  To enter the GoDaddy records, we will choose Record Type MX.  Under Priority, select 0 for the first record.  Leave the section underMail Domain blank as there is no prefix you need to enter for  And finally, enter the record under Mail Exchanger.  Hit Add Record.
  • We will repeat the process for record #2.  Again, the Record Type is MX, the Priority changes to 10, domain stays blank, and we enter  Add Record.
  • For any host records you enter, there is usually a propagation delay of about 20 minutes to an hour or two for things to start functioning fully.  If you wish, you can try testing the email after about 5 minutes by sending a test message to the new account from another account that you know is working.  If you do not receive an ‘Email Undeliverable’ message, you know things are probably set up correctly and it will just be a matter of time before it’s working 100%.
NOTE: You will see other records already entered in your DNS.  These records are necessary for your website to work, and any changes to them may result in your website not functioning correctly.  As a result, we have prevented certain records from being deleted.  If you believe that you need to change or delete one of these records, kindly contact us directly at for assistance.
Troubleshooting Email Issues
  • Q: I entered my Mail Forwarding Records, but I’m still not able to Send/Receive my email.
  • A: Verify that the email records you entered in the DNS are correct.  Go to Site Map > Settings > Manage Email/DNS and verify the records.  If they are incorrect, you can delete the incorrect records and add the correct ones.  If you are unable to delete a record that you added, please contact and we will be able to delete it for you.
If the mail still is not working, you will need to contact your email host for assistance.  Tell them your Name Servers are pointing to Cubender, and the Mail Forwarding Records that you entered are not working.  They will be able to tell you what records need to be changed/modified.
  • J

    Okay, did this but now I can’t access my email from my iPhone. There was only one MX record ( at the hosting company for the email and I entered that. As soon as I did I couldn’t access email from my phone.

    When it was set up on my phone it referenced and

    So, I tried to update my iPhone settings to use the for both pop and smtp but that didn’t work.

    Please let me know what pop and smtp should now be used since the MX DNS is now in Cubender…oh, and it probably makes sense to add this type of Ho To information to the post! Thanks Nancy!

    • Nancy

      Hi, J,

      It’s your email host that needs to give you the records. Each host has different records they require, and depending on what you have set up with them / how you have it set up, only they will be able to tell you what records you need to enter into the Cubender DNS. Once you get those records, you can follow the instructions in this blog on how to enter them.