offers several free services that allow you to track and understand the traffic that is going to your website. 

Please note that this article was written for Cubender V4

By setting up tracking codes with either Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools, you are able to easily connect your Cubender Website to your Google Account, and gain understanding on a variety of topics including where your traffic is coming from, what types of devices your users are using to access your website, and how your advertising or social media expenditures translate into sales for you.
Google Analytics

Google offers a huge range of free, easy-to-use services that can help you better understand where your website traffic is coming from.  This is useful to know so that you can cater your advertising and marketing efforts directly to the people who are visiting your pages.  For example, Analytics can tell you if a large portion of your visitors access your website using a Mobile device or a non-flash device.  Knowing this, you might want to consider creating a Mobile-Only webpage with Cubender, one that will target this specific group of your customers.

Google Analytics also allows you to see how many people are on your website – live – at any given time.  It also displays historical information, telling you the location of the visitor, the type of device they used, their operating system, behavior, and much, much more.  For additional information on the advantages of using Google Analytics, as well as the services they offer, please visit the Google Analytics website.



Setting up Google Analytics and your Cubender Website

Setting up Analytics in Cubender takes just seconds.  Everything is pre-programmed, so once you sign up for your Analytics account and get your code, you’ll enter it into your Website Details in one easy step.

Log in to Cubender‘s SiteMap view, and select the Settings Icon (bottom left corner) > Edit Details.  You are able to enter your Analytics code into the bottom portion of the Details screen and hit OK.

Using the same Settings Icon, Publish your website.  Google should begin tracking within 24-48 hours, and you can customize and access all your website traffic information using the Google Analytics application.



Setting up Google Webmaster Tools and your Cubender Website

Google Webmaster Tools gives you detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google.  To set this up, please visit the Webmaster site and sign up for an account.

Once you have created your account, you are able to verify your website as follows:


How to verify a site:

  1. Sign into Google Webmaster Tools with your Google Account.
  2. Click Manage site > Verify this site next to the site you want.
  3. Select the verification method “DOMAIN NAME PROVIDER” – Add a DNS recordGoogle will ask you to add a TXT record to your Cubender DNS configuration.


Once you have generated the TXT record, please send an email to including the record and your Cubender username and password.  Your TXT record will be added to your DNS and you will be able to verify your website with Google within 24 hours.  Cubender’s next update, scheduled for December 2012, will allow you to add this record yourself.