Cubender’s Editor, SiteMap, and Widget Gallery

This tutorial will take you through Cubender's site layout, describing our SiteMap View, Editor View, and give you a run-down of all the available Widgets we have to offer. I'll also offer some useful hints and tips that could be helpful while designing your website. READ MORE

Website Design Trends for 2012 – Part II

Perhaps one of the most common uses of the term 'Above the Fold' stems back to the newspaper industry, where, because of the dimensions of the publication, the paper would have to be folded, making the top portion (above the fold) the part that readers would see first.  As a result, that top section would be where the papers chose to display their most attention-grabbing stories, and, as a result, would also be the preferred location for the placement of consumer advertisements. READ MORE

Small business websites – planning your layout

Creating a website is a little like building a house - you have to make sure that the fundamentals are in place - plumbing, electric, and uber-soft couches. You also want to make sure that the rooms are accessible, useful, and practical.  And finally, you want to make it inviting to those who enter.  Creating a home for yourself on the internet isn’t all that different, and it’s the planning stages that will set the tone for the whole project. READ MORE

Do you need a website?

About 10 years ago, I started a small business, and decided I needed a website.  Having zero-experience in creating a site, I really didn’t have many options available to me – basically I could chose an overused and aesthetically unappealing template (frugal option), or pay thousands of dollars to have a programmer develop a site for me.  Considering the fact that the company was not an on-line business, and all I really wanted was a place on the internet where people could find me and contact me, I wasn’t prepared to spend thousands (or tens of thousands!) of dollars just to have a website. READ MORE

Making websites. Better.

Hi, I'm Andrew Hamilton, co-founder and lead developer at Cubender - a browser-based website builder. We started this blog as a resource for our clients as well as a forum to discuss web design in general. We'll be posting frequently and we welcome your participation. Thanks for stopping by! READ MORE