Aligning & Positioning Objects on your Webpages

Being sure that your page elements are positioned accurately and precisely on your page is important when creating your website, especially if you're using separate pages for your design.  Websites that don't have a uniform layout may appear as though they have objects 'jumping around' on the screen as the user navigates - and giving your visitors a headache probably isn't the effect you're after! READ MORE

Setting up your Domain with Cubender

  With Cubender, you can publish your website online in one of two ways: Using a free Cubender URL where the address will be Using your own personal Domain for which you must have registered with an authorized registrar READ MORE

Versatile Timesaver: The ‘Includes’ Widget

If you're not using the Stack & Menu approach when creating your website, you'll be creating a website made up of separate pages.  In many cases, content that is found on one page might also be found on another - think Footers, Logos, FaceBook and Twitter Icons, Legal Disclaimers, etc.  Now, if you have a lot of pages in your website, and you need to change the content often, it might be a good idea to use the Includes Widget. READ MORE

Cubender Ties the Knot with HTML5 – Press Release

On Wednesday, May 30, 2012, Cubender will launch version 3.0 of their popular website building platform. This release introduces many anticipated HTML5 features including HTML5 audio, video, forms and more. While the company has already given users the ability to create Flash websites that display across all devices (including non-Flash devices like the iPhone and iPad), Cubender’s newest launch has embraced the future of the web. READ MORE