Cubender has a variety of templates from which to start your design.  At any time you can change your current template, or import a template you yourself have created from one Cubender account to another.  This How-to Article will show you how to change and import templates.

Please note that this article was written for Cubender V4

Changing your Current Cubender Template

Each time you log in to Cubender, you will be taken to the SiteMap view.  From there, double clicking one of your pages (or adding in a blank page) will allow it to open in the Editor View.  Once open, you are able to change the template in a few easy steps:

1. Go to Webpage > Change Template > Template

2. Next you will see a variety of templates from which to choose.  You are able to view and select a template of your choice by selecting the green ‘Accept & Continue’ button on the right.


Once done, you’re taken back to the editor view where you can edit and save your new template.  To change templates again, simply repeat the above process.


Transferring / Importing Pages

If you have multiple Cubender accounts, it can sometimes become necessary to transfer pages from one account (or website) to another.   In doing so you can avoid having to start your pages from scratch each time, and many designers will use this option to transfer pages over to their customers once the design is complete.

In order to transfer a page, you need to get the page ID of the page that you wish to export to a new account.  The page ID can be found in the SiteMap view, just under the Page Title and Filename.


Once you have your page ID, please send an email to including your account Username (from where the template is coming), password, and Page ID.

We will then create a new template code for you to use to import the page into your new account.  Once you have the Template Code, you will be able to log into your new account and import the page.

NOTE: Be sure that you have upgraded your new account to the Subscription Package necessary so that all the widgets on the page you are transferring will work and you don’t lose any functionality.


1. Create a new blank page in the SiteMap view and OPEN the page by double-clicking it.

2. Go to Webpage > Change Template > Template.

3. You will see a spot in the bottom right corner where you can enter your Template Code.  Enter the code here, and you will see your page appear.  Select and save the page in your new account.  Note that users with multiple monthly subscription accounts are eligible for a discount.


NOTE:  Images and/or files that have been uploaded into the first account for the design will NOT be transferred over to the file storage in the second account.  The image will still display on the page and on the website, but the user will not have access to them in My Files.

NOTE: It is possible during the transfer process that some images / files will not properly copy into the new account.  We do our best to avoid this, but in the event that a file is not properly copied over, the user will need to re-upload the file into the new account.