About 10 years ago, I started a small business, and decided I needed a website. 

Having zero-experience in creating a site, I really didn’t have many options available to me – basically I could chose an overused and aesthetically unappealing template (frugal option), or pay thousands of dollars to have a programmer develop a site for me.  Considering the fact that the company was not an on-line business, and all I really wanted was a place on the internet where people could find me and contact me, I wasn’t prepared to spend thousands (or tens of thousands!) of dollars just to have a website.

Flash forward 10 years, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company without one.  My 4-year old nephew, Jeremy, has a website online.  Even my ‘senior-citizen’ mother (sorry, mom!) has a website now.  What happened?

What it comes down to is that websites aren’t just for the elite Business crowd anymore.  Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have all helped to create a whole new ‘purpose’ on the internet; it’s now also a social place where people go to discuss ideas, share videos and experiences, and, of course, learn about things.

With a plethora of inexpensive tools available that will allow the average Joe to create a website easily, Joe is responding.  According to Google, in 2009 more than 80% of people in first-world countries and almost 30% of people globally were using the internet, and these numbers are increasing fast.  Considering that, it just makes sense to be where your customers, friends, and family hang out.

Once you’ve made the decision to have an online presence and heavy financial investment is taken out of the question, all you need to do is create a site that caters to your specific needs.  What is it that you want your website to do for you?  How do you plan on using your site?  Perhaps you’re a Designer with some very specific needs for customization, but are tired of re-inventing the wheel every time you want to create a new and exciting website for your Client.  Whatever the case, Cubender has a solution for you.

In my coming Blogs I’ll be getting into more detail about some of the cool features and functions that we offer for both the Average Joe and the Experienced Developer, and explain a little more about why Cubender can do things that most others cannot.  I’ll walk you through some of the key elements that you need to consider when planning the layout of your website, we’ll discuss how Cubender can help you to be ‘found’ on the internet, and we’ll get you started with the steps you need to create your very own personal space on the internet.

Be sure to visit often.  We’ll be updating this blog frequently!