As you add more and more elements to your page as your design, you might start to find that it becomes difficult to find / locate specific widgets that have been placed behind others, inside of others, or around others. A stack with a transparent background, for example, might not be as easy to find once your design becomes more complicated.  If you’re adding Stacks into Stacks, or cannot locate an errant Text Box widget somewhere on your screen, Cubender’s Marquee Tool is a great little way to help you locate the elements that you have placed on your page.

Please note that this article was written for Cubender V3

To use the Marquee Tool, while in the Editor Mode, simply place your mouse cursor somewhere outside of your page design, outside of the grid area.  If you left click the mouse button (holding it down) and start to drag the mouse over your design, a light blue box should begin to appear over your page.



When you release the mouse button, all of the elements on the page that were underneath the light blue box will be highlighted, showing you the borders and location of each.  In this way, you’re able to easily find out where widgets are located, and where their borders are.  A Stack, for example, will have a darker blue border (as well as the Stack Name and Layer) and you’re able to see where it is on the page.  You can also see what items are ‘locked’ onto the page using Fluid Positioning.



Now that you know roughly where things are, you’ll have an easier time selecting them on your design as you create your web page!