Did you know that if you have multiple Cubender websites or accounts, you are able to combine the billing so as to receive savings of up to 20% off each?

Please note that this article was written for Cubender V3

Plus, you have the additional convenience of making only ONE monthly payment for all your accounts, so visit our Account Manager to start saving today.  The more accounts you have, the more you save!


Log in to your account using the Account Username and Password for one of them, and Import the additional accounts that you have under the main Account’s billing cycle.



When you import the accounts, Cubender will calculate the pro-rated charges depending on your payment history, taking into account your new discount rate.  You are not being charged any additional penalty / fee for doing this, however depending on how the billing dates fall, you may be asked to make a partial-month’s payment in order to synchronize the dates.


For additional information about your specific account or charges, please Log In to your account and select ‘Learn More’, or contact support@cubender.com.