In order to do this, you need to first get the HTML code from Facebook by visiting their website.  

Please note that this article was written for Cubender V3

Simply fill in the fields they require which are somewhat customizable, and they’ll provide you with two separate blocks of code.  You will need to copy and paste each of these blocks of code into your Cubender website using our HTML widget.  The HTML widget is available to our Saturn and Jupiter members.

Paste the first block of code into the HTML widget, and then paste the second block of code into the same widget, directly underneath the first block.


When you preview your page, you should now be able to see the functioning button on your screen.  Note that you may have to play around with the sizing on the widget to get it looking perfect, and publishing to HTML5 will improve on the placement of the button when the site is published.  Be sure to save your page, and preview your new icon!